68 years at your service


Company founded in 1950, since its inception, the activity of the company focused mainly on the manufacturing of propellers for fishing, throughout these years, we have been improving in all manufacturing processes and today we have expanded the products and services that we can offer our clients, such as PROPULSION STUDIES to improve consumption, speed, increase of draft or other propulsive needs. With new equipment and tools, we have strengthened the nautical sport sector; we have installed a molding robot that allows us to make the propellers to measure for boats and getting an optimal design instead of using stock propellers that cannot always be guaranteed to work well. In addition to the propellers, we supply the complete shaft lines with brackets, rigid or floating stern tube and couplings to the gear box, as well as rudders and rudder tube. These new equipment, allow us to manufacture with exceptional quality, to serve our products with a very short delivery time. Our idea for the future is to continue modernizing the company to be able to offer shorter delivery times, maximum quality and a very competitive price.